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Hi! I was wondering if you could post any other pictures of the male attachements? I am looking into purchasing one but have only found one or two limited pictures of them. Thanks!

There is a video on our videos page which will show the 6” upgraded attachment. We also have a page of information about the penises for transgender clients.

So when's the next instalment of 'Sex Position of the Week' due out, then? Davecat and I were finding those to be dead handy! For, ah, research purposes, of course ;-)

We just posted a new one today. Check it out! :)

Sex position: Spooning

Are you a cuddler? Do you love to fall asleep feeling a warm, soft body in your arms? Many of us enjoy the comfort and safety of nestling up against someone. Because silicone dolls take on body heat, and hold it for many hours, they make outstanding snuggle companions! And the upswing is that you can also get some cuddles-with-benefits.

To achieve this position, roll your Polymerisian onto his or her side. Bend the knees into a neutral or up-to-90 degree angle. When the knees are bent, gently push the thighs towards the stomach to create a bent position. By moving the legs away from the buttocks, you make access to the entries easier. When your silicone companion is in a nicely curved position, you can fit your body closely against theirs. In this position, you can enjoy both anal and vaginal penetration.

You can also get creative by angling your own body differently to achieve deeper or shallower penetration, you can access the entries by kneeling behind the doll, and you can roll slightly backwards onto your own hip and pull the doll onto yourself to feel as if he/she is pushing backwards. Give it a try; experiment! Feel free to post comments here to let other readers know what worked for you!